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We are so glad that you have found the web site of the Cambodian Children's Advocacy Foundation (CCAF). We would like to introduce you our new website.  Please click the link www.ccaf-kh.org.  We would like to thank you very much for your time to view our programs.

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News: We would like to make announcement that since January 2014, the The Buddhist Library and Meditation Centre has supported salary our twelve pre-school teachers and a Education Unit Supervisor. Today, the foundation has agreed to support the salary for the thirteenth pre-school teacher in Lork Village, Kampong Trach District, Kampot Province. This support has given the opportunity for children to participate in early childhood education program. CCAF would like to thank them very much.

To learn more about the foundation, please check the link www.buddhistlibrary.org.au


Donation:  This year, CCAF face much challenges for carrying out our program. This is due to lack of fund to cover the operation cost. All our donors (this year) support salary for staffs but not with traveling and other costs. While we are conducting fundraising, today CCAF received a donation from our Vice-Chairman of BoG Robert Kingston. We thank him very much for his support our program. Robert Kingston is not only gives donation but he spent times to contact charities, editing report and proposal and visit CCAF. We wish him all the best!


Partnership with a charity in Hong Kong:
Cambodian Children's Advocacy Foundation (CCAF) is pleased to inform all readers that we have been a local partnership with IDEA Foundation Limited (a registered charity in Hong Kong) since 2009.

In May this year, CCAF coordinated their work on building three education Kiosks in Banteay Meas District, Kampot Province. By the end of this year, together, we will build two pre-schools (one in Chhuk District, Kampot Province and the second ones will be in Tram Kok District, Takeo Province. To learn about IDEA Foundation Limited, please view the summary below. Thank you!

IDEA Project -"Involve in Design, Empower with Action", is an outbound voluntary service project. We provide a platform for young professionals from different fields to work together and encourage them to take an active role in making a better change to the living environment in the developing world. Through team work and skills training in workshops, participants will learn and be familiar with architectural design skills and experience hands-on site work in building a school. Please visit their website at www.ideaproject.org.hk


Achievements from Jan-May-2014

1. Funding:  CCAF would like thank to donors who have contributed funds to support CCAF programs.  They are: the Firetree Asia Foundation for supporting salary for CEO and Accountant, the Lee Foundation and The St.Patricks Day 3 Legged Charity Race supporting overhead and program cost, the The Buddhist Library Cambodia Project supporting the salary for 12 teachers and supervisor, IDEA Foundation Limited in H.K for schools constructions, and individual donors supporting program cost.  It will be difficult for CCAF to maintain the program if without support from donors.

2. Partnership:  We would like to announce that CCAF is a partnership with Omprakash the foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit organization registered under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Please visit the website to learn more details www.omprakash.org.  Thank you very much.

3. Community Pre-School Project:

3.1 Activities of pre-school:  After the education Kiosks were built, children enjoy learning at these new pre-school classrooms very much.  As the school year 2013-2014 will be ended in July, our pre-school classes have completed the Khmer alphabet lesson, and are begin to teach English for these rural pre-school students. Here are some photos showing the activities.

Students at education Kiosk #2 in Sre Prey Village participate in recreational activity. Students at education Kiosk #2 learn English.

Students at education Kiosk #3

Students at education Kiosk # 3 practice playground

3.2 Construction of the education Kiosk for community pre-school: 
Three communities education shelters (Kiosks) were built in the three different villages that are located in Prey Krala, Sre Prey and Damnak Chambak villages, Banteay Meas District, Kampot Province, South in Cambodia.  The IDEA Foundation Limited, donors and friends in H.K, and the local commune councils granted these pre-schools buildings project.  CCAF was very pleased that we were part of this activity.  CCAF please to report that we are running 13 pre-schools in Kampot Province, Cambodia.


Pre-School In Prey Krala village before the Kiosk was built

Pre-School in Prey-Krala villages after building new education Kiosk

Pre-School in Sre Prey Village before the Kiosk was built. Volunteers from HK and Cambodia at the construction site
Pre-School in Sre Prey village after the Kiosk was built
Pre-School in Damnak Chambak before the Kiosk was built.  This photo was taken whilst friends from H.K visited the school in early 2014.
Our friends from HK work on school decoration and finishing the construction.
Pre-School students work on cleaning the compound prior leaving homs

4. Announcement: Our management team would like to take this opportunity to thank Vic and Barby Ulmer who are the founders and co-directors of our developing world (odw) for their support CCAF. 

our developing world (odw) an US tax deductible non-profit is taking CCAF under its fiscal sponsorship. For tax purposes thank you messages will acknowledge the amount of donation and the odw tax ID number.

odw has led many Reality Tours since 1980 including several to Cambodia and is offering this fiscal sponsorship because it is so impressed with the work of CCAF.  Please view odw website at the link page to view their work.


2013 marks as the last year of our funding partnership with the Methodist Relief and Development Fund (MRDF). CCAF would like to thank donors, all staff and management team of the MRDF for support the vulnerable families in the CCAF target area, Kampot Province, Cambodia. What we had achieved through the funding from MRDF from 2007-2013:

1. The family fishpond project: 43 vulnerable families in Banteay Meas District, Kampot Province, Cambodia received support for this project .
A beneficiary was happy with her fishpond project

2. Effective Micro-organism (EM) Training: 365 farmers in Kampot and Kampong Speu provinces participated in training on making organic fertilizer using the EM technique.
Image on top left: Farmers joined the training.

Image on top right: farmers work together to make the liquid organic fertilizer after they completed training.

Image on the right: CEO Channarith visits a farmer who use EM organic fertilizer for her vegetable gardening project.

3. Family Chicken Farm Project: 354 vulnerable families in Banteay Meas and Chumkiri districts, Kampot Province have benefited from this project.

Image top left: Beneficiaries received chickens (6 each family) from CCAF.

Image top right: Beneficiary feeding chickens after receiving from CCAF.

Image right: a beneficiary (right) returns chicken to another new beneficiary.

4. MRDF supported the capacity building to CCAF including improvement of financial management, development of strategic plan and mushroom cultivation project.

Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi) mushroom. Oyster mushroom


Report:  Please view our major achievement 2007-2013.  We thank all donors (charities and individual donors) who have supported our programs.  Report-2007-2013





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